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Coin Counting Scale, Coin Sorters, Money & Note Counting Machines


CS-4 Coin Scales
  • Simple to use coin counter machine
  • Portable, lightweight coin counting scale
  • Battery or Power adaptor (Both supplied)
  • High Accuracy 4kg x 0.5g
  • Will count all Australian coin denominations
Coin Counting Scales
QCC Series Coin Counter
  • Coin scales with 20mm backlight LCD display
  • Rechargeable battery operation
  • Coin counter functions include password security lock to change coin/token values,can select old or new coins/tokens,gives indication of total number of coins and value,can total several batches qiving total value
Coin Counter Machines
ICM 3000 Money, Bank Note and Coin Scale

The @Weigh banknote and coin counting scale weighs banknotes, coins, vouchers and coupons to accurately calculate monetary value, using some of the worlds most advanced digitalized electronics. Fast and accurate money counting machine or cash counting scale specifically designed for cashing up tills; float preparation, instant cash checks and banking.

coin counter and note counter machines
Micro Coin Counter Machine and Sorter
  • Different dimensions of coins can be sorted automatically
  • Accurately calculates total value of coins
  • Three counting modes: Free Count, Batch Count & Fix Count
Coin Counting Scales & Coin Counter Machines
HC2100 Note Counting Machine
  • Mains operated money or note counter
  • Counts up to 1000 notes per minute
  • Automatic start / stop
  • Adding facility
  • Easy to use
  • Saves time